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Most of the western states that offer antelope hunts have been experiencing a lengthy drought the past several years and it has really taken a toll on the pronghorns in both numbers and quality.  Some states have reduced the number of tags available making it harder to acquire a license through the draw.



2013 proved to be another year with 100 percent success on decent goats despite the 2-year drought that has been hampering horn growth. Pronghorns here averaged 13 ½ to 15 inches, with the best gross scoring 79 inches, not real tall, but heavy.

2012 quality was down due to the severe drought. All pronghorn hunters were successful on bucks ranging from 13 ½ to 15 inches. The 2011 fall produced the best pronghorn bucks on both ranches for the past several years. This outfitter has 2 private ranches, one in the plains and another in the mountains. Success has been 100% both archery and rifle for years and quality is a little better on the mountain ranch.

He typically runs about 8 gun and 2 or 3 archery pronghorn hunters on the 65,000-acre plains ranch, but plans on cutting it down to 6 total for 2014.

3-day gun hunts are $1,850 guided 2x1 and include airport pickup in Casper, house accommodations and meals. Archery hunts are 5 days priced at $1,850 and he only takes 2 or 3 bowhunters during the start of gun season. He sets them up on water holes in blinds. The ranch is located between Douglas and Gillette. Hunts start September 24 and applications are due March 15 for the draw, which has been 100% past years.  Next opening is in 2015. Hunt PG157.


His mountain ranch is 20,000 acres located between Cheyenne and Laramie and has a little better trophy quality, normally averaging about 15 inches. 3-day full service hunt October 7 to 9 guided 2x1 is $2,200, including airport pickup in Cheyenne. 2014 is booked full, next opening is in 2015.
Hunt PGC157.  Pictures from this Hunt.



Drought affected horn growth in 2013, but all 6 hunters took home bucks averaging almost 15 inches. In 2012 all 11 pronghorn hunters took home bucks averaging in the mid-70’s. He only took 6 hunters in 2011 due to the drought and all took home bucks averaging 70 plus inches. In 2010 he took a total of 8 hunters over the course of 2 hunts on 150,000 acres and all 8 took nice bucks. The better ones came in at 15 ½-inches with good mass. Many years they took up to 25 hunters on these ranches, but they cut the numbers back to improve on quality.

Northeastern New Mexico has always produced heavy horned antelope and the numbers have been consistently high.

This area offers 2 seasons, each are 3-day hunts, August 20 to 22 (perfect for students) and September 17 to 19. Price is very reasonable at $2,500 guided 2x1 with a new lodge equipped with trophy room and all the amenities.

Guaranteed landowner voucher is included so there is no draw. Hunters fly into Colorado Springs and rent a car. Hunt PG278.  Pictures from this Hunt.



This small family run operation offers hunts in 3 areas of southeastern Wyoming. All are priced the same at $1,850 for 3 days guided 2x1.  They take a very limited amount of hunters and last year took a total of only 13 hunters.

One is west of Laramie in Area 50 where they hunt 6,000 acres of private land.

Accommodations are a nice log lodge just recently built. Season runs Sept. 15 - Oct. 15.  In Area 103 near Wheatland they have 60,000 private acres. Accommodations are a nice cabin next to the outfitter’s home. Season is Oct. 5 - 31.  They are in the process of acquiring another 16,000-acre lease in Area 42 with good pronghorn numbers. Accommodations would either be in their log lodge or the cabin in Wheatland.

Drawing odds have dropped from 100 percent to between 60 and 85 percent depending on the areas and hunters can apply as a group.

Hunters fly into Denver and rent a car for the 2 ½ hour drive or fly into Cheyenne where arrangements can be made for pickup. HCU’s Cliff Graham has hunted with this outfit.
Hunt PG703.
  Pictures from this Hunt.



This had been our premier pronghorn hunt until the drought of 2011. Last fall in 2013 they only took 2 bucks off the 25,000 private acres, both scoring in the mid-70’s. In 2012 they took 4 bucks off the property, but quality was down. In 2011 HCU’s Cliff Graham and Bob Wodzisz were on this hunt. Bob did take a buck grossing 82 inches, but the others were not the caliber of bucks normally taken on this hunt.

In 2010 before the drought, 3 of the 4 bucks taken had 16-inch horns and grossed 80 inches or better. In 2009, 3 of the 4 bucks taken gross scored over the Boone and Crockett minimum of 82 points and the best grossed 87 with 2 more at 85. In 2008 all 4 bucks grossed over 82 with the best coming in at 87 and 86 inches.

The outfitter is expecting the ranch to improve with positive weather conditions and the genetics are definitely superb, but until then the price will continue to be down from $4,000 to $3,000 guided 1x1 for this 2-day hunt that includes nice ranch house accommodations, home cooked meals and airport pickup in Midland or fly into Lubbock, Texas and rent a car. Season is the second or third weekend in September. 2014 is available. Hunt PG685.  Pictures from this Hunt.



This 20,000-acre ranch is in the Ranching for Wildlife program guaranteeing you a pronghorn tag. Rifle hunts start August 15 and continue to run into early November. Early dates are perfect for students or teachers. In 2013 all 14 hunters took home bucks. Past 3 years success has been 100% on bucks 13 to 15 inches and averaging gross scores in the mid-70’s, top bucks near the 80-inch mark. 3-day hunts guided 2x1 are only $2,500. Elk can be combined on this hunt for an additional $3,500 and this includes a fourth day of hunting.  This has been one of our most popular hunts due to the guaranteed tag-no drawing, liberal season dates, 100 percent success on quality bucks, nice accommodations with great guides.  New lodge accommodations with family style meals and airport pickup in Hayden. Guaranteed tag, no draw. Openings are available for both pronghorn and elk in 2014. Hunt PG226.  Pictures from this Hunt.



This has been a very popular hunt due to the guaranteed tag-no drawing, liberal season dates, 100% success on quality bucks, nice accommodations with great guides.

These couple ranches combined total 200,000 acres and they are in the Ranching for Wildlife program allowing rifle hunts to start August 15 and continue to run into November. Perfect dates for students or teachers.

Success has been 100% on bucks in the 13 to 15-inch plus class gross scoring in the 70’s and top bucks usually make 80 inches. 3-day hunts guided 2x1 are only $2,450. Nice ranch house accommodations include family style meals and airport pickup in Hayden. Guaranteed tag, no draw. Hunt PG373. 



Here is a no frills 5-day bowhunt for trophy sized pronghorns. This rancher/outfitter runs a small personal operation in southeastern Montana on private property that has produced many trophy bucks. The genetics are very good and he typically doesn’t rifle hunt these ranches, only bowhunts. Last fall his 4 archers took 3 bucks and it looks like all should qualify for Pope and Young. The unsuccessful hunter could only stay for 3 days and was hampered by high winds and rain. This was the first unsuccessful hunter in the past 4 years.

In 2012 his 9 archers took 9 pronghorn bucks, including 6 that should make the Pope and Young record book and one may go 80 inches.  In 2011 he had 11 archers take 11 pronghorn bucks and 7 should make Pope and Young. In 2010 his 7 archers took 7 bucks, with 5 making Pope and Young and 2 more that may qualify.

This is a no frills hunt with trailer house accommodations, meals and guide service, all for only $1,750. Hunt dates are August 15 to late September. Hunters need to apply for tags by June 1.   Fly into Billings or Rapid City and rent a car.

The outfitter has decided to offer a whitetail/ pronghorn archery combo hunt. Price would be $3,500 for a combo and if you didn’t draw a pronghorn tag the deer hunt would drop to $2,800 or if you didn’t draw the deer the pronghorn hunt would drop to $1,500.

Deer draw deadline is March 15. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has been on this ranch.
Hunt PGB427.  Pictures from this Hunt.