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ONLY $3000

This 62,000-acre South Dakota ranch became Hollywood famous when the movie “Dances with Wolves” starring Kevin Costner was filmed here.  The ranch has been owned and run by the same family for generations and they were also instrumental in preventing the buffalo population from extinction.

They offer a “trophy meat hunt” for a 3-year old bull suitable for mounting, yet the meat is still palatable. You get the complete animal for $3,000.  Trophy bull” hunts are available and these old bulls average 5 to 7 years in age and 70% make the SCI record book, but are poor table fare.  Hunters still get the complete animal for $4,500 and sometimes you can donate the meat at the ranch. Archery gear, muzzleloaders or rifles are allowed on all hunts.

They guide the hunter and transport the buffalo back to the ranch headquarters, where they skin and quarter the animal. Actual butchering and freezing can be done at local butcher shops for an additional charge, but most hunters prefer to have it butchered once they reach home. Most hunts are taken from October to the end of December. There are about 2,000 head of bison on the ranch, with about 50 to 100 mature bulls. Fly into Sioux Falls and rent a car to Pierre. Hunt BI567.  Pictures from this Hunt.



The owner of this Texas panhandle ranch has some of the finest red deer hunting in North America.  Years ago he artificially inseminated his females with the semen from the largest stags available in New Zealand. That was all it took to start a good genetic self sustaining herd on the property.

The 6-point management hunts are priced at only $3,000. 3-day trophy hunts are $5,000 and you can take a stag grossing up to 350 SCI. Stags scoring 350 to 400 SCI are priced at only $7,500 and over 400 points is currently $12,000.

Hunts include great lodging, fantastic meals with wine and are guided 1x1. This is no easy shoot, the property is quite brushy and it can be difficult to locate stags.

This hunt can be done from late August into October and can be combined with trophy whitetail or quail and chukar shoots. Non-hunters are also welcome. Hunters are picked up at Amarillo airport.
Hunt RD806.
  Pictures from this Hunt.



This 4-day hunt guided 1x1 takes place on Victoria Island from mid-October to November under early winter conditions. Temperatures are cold but the ground is not frozen. Hunters fly commercially into Cambridge Bay, overnight, and then travel to the basic plywood hunting cabins often hunting while en route. Hunters will travel in wooden sleds that are pulled by snow machines.  Success has been 100% for both species priced at $7,250 for muskox only or combine with arctic island caribou for $13,450. A second muskox can be taken for $3,250. No charter flights.

HCU’s Cliff Graham has been on this hunt and he reports it as one of his most memorable and interesting adventures. Hunt MUV89.  Pictures from this Hunt.



The highest scoring muskox in Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young come from the Nunavut mainland near Queen Maude Gulf.  Using snow machines on the March 18 to April 11 hunt allows hunters and guides to see lots of animals. Accommodations are primarily in cabins/homes, but tents may be used if necessary.  Clients fly commercially to Cambridge Bay and then snowmobile to the village of Omingmaktok hunting en route. Price is $8,250 plus “snowmobile transfer” of $850 for 5 days of hunting 1x1. This hunt can be combined with a wolf for an additional $2,100 and success has been 100%.
Hunt MUM89.  Pictures from this Hunt.



This 6-day 1x1 hunt for Greenland muskox runs from mid to the end of August with normal temperatures of 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Mainly tent accommodations, but some cabins may be used if the muskox are relatively close. Most hunting is done by boat and then hiking inland. Hunters fly into Cambridge Bay and from there travel by boat to the hunting area, which may take 4 to 6 hours. The hunting is done from Cape Peel to Mount Pelly on the southern coast of Victoria Island. Price is $8,250 and a second muskox can be taken for $3,250.  Both gun and archery hunters have experienced 100% success past years. Hunt MUCP89.   Pictures from this Hunt.


80% PLUS SUCCESS $4000

This hunt has been such a high success mainly because he puts the hunter on call and when he has wolves hitting his baits he makes the call. Last winter he only made one call and when the hunter arrived at the house they could see 3 wolves on the bait. He changed clothes, got into the blind and killed a wolf in less than 2 hours. He passed on a black wolf after his first kill wanting another bigger grey one, but was unsuccessful.

All HCU customers that have hunted with this Alberta farmer have been successful and have given him top notch reviews. Price is only $4,000, a second wolf is $1,500 plus $500 per day and you might get an opportunity at a coyote.  He shot 32 wolves himself over the course of 3 winters and then decided to take a few hunters every year. He has 4 box blinds with propane heat on 4 different bait sights within 30 miles of his house. Once wolves start coming into one of his baits he patterns them and then calls one of his hunters to take a flight and get up here ASAP. All hunters are on an on-call basis and quite a few of them have scheduling conflicts so he then calls the next hunter on the list. He prefers only one hunter at a time and on a 6-day hunt he averages seeing wolves at least two times. Hunts can run from January to mid-April and include house accommodations, meals, guide service and airport pickup in Edmonton.
Hunt WF254.  Pictures from this Hunt.



This outfitter operated for years on Florida’s famous Brady Ranch. He has now moved the operation to the Seminole Indian Reserve outside of Okeechobee. Back in the 1960’s these deer were brought into Florida from India and the herd exploded. This is the number one destination for rifle and archery hunters. Success continues at 100% on mature top scoring stags. In our opinion you cannot find a better operation with the numbers and quality of axis deer in a more sporting operation anywhere. 

This hunt can be done from May to November and the rut is early June into July.  Price is $2,850 for 2 nights and this includes a trophy axis buck, guide, excellent meals and accommodations. Additional does can be taken for $500 or extra days can be added for $350 per day and this includes lodging, meals, guide fee and animal preparation. Axis deer is the best game meat for taste and nutrition available and many hunters take does strictly for that reason.  They also offer such exotics as water buffalo $3,000, blackbuck $2,500, pere david deer $4,500, sika $2,500, fallow deer $2,500 plus a $350 day rate.
Hunt AX863.  Pictures from this Hunt.