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Last fall this outfit had 9 hunters tag 8 Peninsula brown bears. Best bear went just under 10-foot and most bears squared between 9 and 9 and a half feet. The unsuccessful hunter was 84, ran out of medication and had to leave early.  Spring of 2012 this outfit took 10 brownies and 5 were over 10-foot, 10’7”, and 2 at 10’6”, 10’4” and a 10’1”. They also took a 9 ½ footer that made Boone and Crockett. This outfit has done tremendous past years mainly due to having exclusive rights to prime native land with 3 major bays and rivers, including over 30 miles of coastline. Just look over the past years stats.  This Alaskan Peninsula hunt in Unit 9 takes place near Sand Point on the southern side of the peninsula, one of the top brown bear trophy areas.  Fall of 2011 all 8 hunters took boars, including a 10’4” with a 28 ½-skull and 4 more at 9 ½ feet.  Spring of 2010 when most outfits were experiencing very deep snows and extremely bad weather with high winds on the north side of the Peninsula, this outfitter was just fine due to their specific location on the southeast side along the Pacific. They went 10 for 12, including 2 record book bears with one measuring over 29 inches and the other over 28. 3 bears squared out over 10-foot.  Fall of 2009 went 10 for 12 and 2 hunters had to leave early after only 7 days due to commitments. In the spring of 2008 his hunters went 10 for 10 and they took an amazing 6 bears over 10-foot. Normally they will take 3 or 4 over 10-foot on this hunt.

Spring hunts, May 10 to 31, are $21,000 and fall hunts, October 1 to 21, are priced the same.  Rates are for the entire season, stay until you kill, and most hunters are successful in 7 to 9 days. A packer can be hired for $200 per day.

Hunts can be conducted out of base camp with the use of 4-wheelers or jet boats, but mainly this is a spike camp operation. Roundtrip flights from Anchorage to Sand Point run about $800 and the flight from Sand Point to base camp is included in the price. One opening remained at press time for spring of 2014 and several for fall of 2015. Hunt BR781.  Pictures from this Hunt.



This outfitter takes 5 hunters each spring over the course of 3 hunts and 2 hunters in the fall aboard his 48-foot yacht. His past 8 spring hunts have produced 40 bears for 40 hunters until the spring of 2013 when they only went 3 for 5. He was embarrassed and said it was just unbelievable to have 2 hunters go home empty, but they just didn’t see any bears they wanted to take. All 3 bears taken were trophy quality including a monster 9-foot 10-inch boar with a 27-inch skull, another 9-footer that was just shy of 26 inches and an 8-foot 10-inch boar with a 24-inch skull.

Fall hunt went 1 for 2 including an HCU archer who only got some hair. The rifle hunter took a 8-foot 8-inch boar with a 24 ½-inch skull.  Spring hunts are typically April 30 to May 9, May 11 to 20, May 22 to 31 and black bear can be added on the last hunt for $3,500. Spring hunts are normally conducted by cruising the Chichagof Island shoreline until a bear is sighted and then approaching the shoreline by skiff ahead of the bear to intercept him. At times you and your guide may take a small skiff into the more remote bays glassing for feeding bears.  Fall hunt is September 15 to 24 and more time is spent cruising bays and checking salmon streams for feeding bears. It is not uncommon to look over 30 to 50 bears on this hunt.  This has been a very high success hunt priced at only $14,500 for 10 days. Accommodations are on his 48-foot yacht with 6 bunks and a shower.  Hunters fly into Juneau and charter a float plane to the yacht for under $200 roundtrip. Nonhunters are priced at $2,500. Next openings are in 2015. Hunt BR957.  Pictures from this Hunt.



This hunt continues to be one of the best grizzly hunts in North America. Fall of 2013 he had 5 hunters take 5 grizzlies, most in the 7 ½ to 8 ½-foot class. In 2012 all 7 grizzly hunters took home an interior grizzly.

This area east of Kotzebue is well known for numbers and quality of bears due to the draw system. Even though the odds of drawing a tag are near 90% most hunters decline to put in.  Hunters can also apply for moose as well.  Hunter success is due to the high numbers of bears with plentiful yielding blueberry mountain sides in his area. He also hunts moose in these same valleys and that also draws the bears. 7-day hunts running September 1 to 20 guided 1x1 are $11,000. Hunters fly into Anchorage then on to Kotzebue, where they charter to camp. This tag is based on a draw with a 90% chance and deadline is December 15 and results are in February. Bear numbers are so high the state allows you to take one every year, no waiting requirements. Moose can also be applied for at the same time for a combo hunt priced at $19,500.
Hunt GR247.  Pictures from this Hunt.



Past years have been very high success on grizzly. Last fall HCU had a hunter take his grizzly and caribou on this hunt.

In 2012 he had a hunter wanting a sheep and grizzly combo, no caribou. The hunter ended up taking a nice 8-foot grizzly and looked over quite a few sheep, but no shooters.

In 2011 this outfitter/guide only took one hunter and he took a real nice grizzly and caribou bull.  10 days, 8 hunting, guided 1x1 is $13,800 for the combination grizzly/caribou hunt (grizzly only is $10,800) and this INCLUDES the $2,200 charter fee from Tok to the hunting area. The outfitter/guide will take you himself and his longtime partner also guides. He starts the last couple days of August and goes into September.  If you want to bring along a friend to hunt caribou only, the outfitter will take him for $5,500 and this also includes his $2,200 charter flight from Tok. Hunters fly into Fairbanks and then shuttle or fly to Tok where they are met.  Next available fall opening is in 2015.  The outfitter will offer a spring grizzly hunt in the same general area, possibly depending on the caribou calving situation. This will also be 8 hunting days priced at $10,800 guided 1x1 or if 2 buddies want to come it would be $8,500 each guided 2x1. Dates would be late May and early June of 2015. Hunt GR/CU64.  Pictures from this Hunt.