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Spring of 2013 was tough due to the late winter and most outfitters, including this one, couldn’t even get out baiting well into May. His first group of 6 hunters took 4 bears, second hunt went 2 for 3, third hunt the same at 2 for 3 and the final hunt only 1 for 3. The best bear taken was a big old boar with a 20-inch skull. They also took 3 more bears over 300 pounds throughout the season. On the later hunts they had 4 bruiser bears on trail-cams that they just couldn’t get killed. Late September he had 5 bear hunters and 4 of them also had deer tags. Overall they took 3 bears, all in the 300 to 350 pound class and 3 bucks, including a 140-inch 8-point, 10-point in the 140’s and a small buck.

Spring of 2012 he only had 4 hunters and they all took bears over 300 pounds, including a monster of 475 pounds with a skull measuring well over 21 inches, taken by a young girl.

Spring of 2011 his 9 hunters harvested 8 bears, including a record book 450 pound Boone and Crockett bear that scored 21 4/8 inches. One third of the bears taken weighed over 300 pounds and that number would be higher if hunters kept their finger off the trigger and didn’t shoot the first off-colored bear that came in. Off-colored bears are quite plentiful; in fact, they have outnumbered the traditional black phase.

In 2010 he had 10 bowhunters take 8 bears and the 2 unsuccessful hunters missed. Best bear weighed in at over 400 pounds and the average bear harvested weighed over 250 pounds.

6-day hunts are priced at $2,500 for rifle or archery and include nice cabin accommodations, meals, license and tax. The cabin is situated right on Tobin Lake and fishing is just outside the door. The Saskatchewan River is also boat accessible from the lodge and it holds some fantastic walleye fishing. He provides boat, motor, gas and good days have produced as many as 100 walleyes per boat. One of our most frequent requests is black bear hunts that include good fishing, well here it is.

Spring hunts are the last week of May and the first 2 weeks of June. Fall hunts are the last 2 weeks of September into early October with the option of adding whitetail with archery or muzzleloader for the $4,900 combo or start your combo October 1 when you can rifle hunt the deer. Deer are hunted in the mornings from ladder stands or ground blinds until you score on your bear and then you hunt deer morning and evening. Combination hunts tend to be conducted in more farm country. Rifle, archery or muzzleloader hunters are welcome. Airport pickup is available for $300 per vehicle roundtrip or rent a car.
Hunt BL577.