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2007 TO 2013

Last fall all 10 goat hunters took home billies and a combo hunter also scored. Best goat went 47 inches with 5-inch plus bases.

This outfitter only had 4 goat hunters in 2012 and all scored, except for a bowhunter that made one climb and decided goat hunting wasn’t for him. He did end up taking a moose and elk in the low country.

In 2011 all 15 goat hunters took home billies and in 2010 all 8 hunters took billies. This outfitter located in northeastern B.C. has a near perfect record over his last 5 years, including several bowhunters. They have exclusive guiding and outfitting rights to over 4 million acres.  10-day 1 on 1 hunt is $12,500 and you can add additional animals on a $3,500 trophy fee basis. If you and a buddy want to share a guide the price drops to $11,250. The outfitter INCLUDES the tax and government royalty fees.  Success typically runs near 100% on goat, moose and elk.

He offers your choice of horseback hunt, river hunt or backpack hunts. Spike camps are the norm and dates are August 25 to October 15.  Hunters pay for licenses, tags and charter from Fort Nelson to base camp for about $1,500.  THIS OUTFITTER ALSO OFFERS YOUTH PRICES FOR 18 AND UNDER WITH AN ADULT ON A 2X1 BASIS FOR ONLY A $3,500 TROPHY FEE.
Hunt MG483.  Pictures from this Hunt.



Here is a very inexpensive no frills hunt that produces some large bodied long-haired goats.  The reason the hunt is so inexpensive, you have to draw the tag, but odds aren’t bad at about a 30% success rate and there is no preference points involved and a couple buddies can put in together.  Last fall he only had one goat hunter and he took a nice billy on day three.

This outfitter had been 100% success on billies for several years until 2010, when the hunts were hampered by some severe weather.  His 3 hunters took only 1 billy and one hunter passed on a 300 yard plus shot on a 10 incher.  Both unsuccessful hunters rebooked the hunt.  Most hunters don’t want to bothered with a draw, so he typically only gets one or two hunters per year and in 2009 the largest billy taken went over 10 inches and into the Boone and Crockett record book. In 2008 his only hunter took an old long-haired billy of 9 ½ inches. In 2007 all 4 hunters tagged nice billies and the same goes for 2006 and 2005, with most goats taken in the 9 to 9 ½-inch range. These backpack hunts tend to be less physical than most. The highest climb is about 3,000 feet or four hours for an average hunter, but normally the goats are lower at 1,500 to 2,500 feet elevation making them more accessible. This is still a physical mountain goat hunt.

A 7-day October hunt guided 1x1 is $7,000 and you can also add a sitka blacktail buck for only $2,000. His hunters have taken several Boone and Crockett bucks. Goat tags are on a draw with a December 6 deadline. Hunters can apply as a party. Hunt MG783. 


OR 2X1 ONLY $7000 EACH

2013 goat hunts continued to be 100 percent success. Two brothers scored on a 10 ½-inch billy and a 9 ¾ their first day out. Several 10 inchers were taken throughout the season. The majority of hunters choose a 8 or 10-day 1x1 hunt, but 2x1 hunts are available for a couple buddies at a significantly reduced price.  In 2012 all 25 goat hunters scored and this would include 4 or 5 in the 10-inch or better category. In 2011 his 17 moose/goat combo hunters took 15 billies and 15 bulls. This is typically a horseback hunt, but sometimes depending on the area it can be backpack. In 2010 all 15 goat hunters

were successful, including 4 billies going over 10 inches. All the moose hunters were successful as well, including 4 record book bulls being taken. As you can see this is a high success hunt in an area that holds plenty of mature billies.

This 4,500 square mile area located only 60 miles from the Yukon border in the Cassiar Mountains has high goat numbers and most hunters are tagged out in 3 days. Moose numbers are also quite high in his area and being near the Yukon border the bulls have fantastic genetics.

This premier outfitter offers some bargain priced hunts, especially for a couple hunting pals that are willing to go guided 2x1. 8 hunting days 2x1 is only $7,000, 1x1 is $9,900 and add a second species for only $3,500. 10 hunting days 2x1 is $9,000 or 1x1 is $12,900 and a second species can be added on a $4,000 trophy fee.

The Cassiar Mountains in his area run up to 6,500’ and timberline is at 4,500’. The valley floor is about 3,000 to 3,500 feet above sea level and they normally hunt between 4,000 and 5,000 feet for goats. Hunters arrive and overnight in Whitehorse. Rent a car to Watson Lake and roundtrip charter to camp for $1,600 plus licenses, 2.5% GST tax and $220 hunter preservation fund. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz and Cliff Graham have hunted this area. Hunt MG491.  Pictures from this Hunt.



2013 had produced 15 goats for 18 hunters, including 12 bowhunters. Only one hunter that stayed and hunted did not score. 2 hunters left early. One rifle hunter took the best billy that scored just shy of 53 inches and most goats came in between 45 and 48 inches.

In 2012 all 10 rifle hunters took a billy, INCLUDING 3 OVER 52 INCHES. 6 archers had scored on 4 billies and the 2 unsuccessful hunters later took billies with a rifle.

This outfitters 4,000 square mile area in the Coastal Mountain range has produced more of the “Top Fifty” record book goats than any other area and also has the highest goat density area in North America. They specialize in bowhunts and their clients have taken many book billies with archery gear.

The fall hunt is from August 15 to October 15. 10 days 1x1 is $10,400 plus a $2,000 trophy fee. Black bear can be added on a $2,000 kill fee and they take some monster coastal bears.  Hunters are flown to one of 30 remote lakes for this backpack hunt.

The late season winter hunt runs from October 15 to November 30. Hunters stay at the outfitters home and take day trips driving logging roads in the area. The billies are rutting and are found in lower elevations. This hunt can be done by older hunters and is less physical. 10-day 1x1 is $13,900 plus $2,000 trophy fee.

Prices do include charter flights, but not license, tags or tax. Hunters are met in Terrace. 
Hunt MG473
Pictures from this Hunt.