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In September of 2013 this outfitter hosted 6 mule deer hunters, taking 6 bucks and gross scoring 186, 180, 179, 175, 174 and 173. In 2012 this was an exploratory hunt and HCU had the only 2 hunters on this September rifle hunt. Both hunters scored the first day on 2 exceptional bucks, a 179 and a 199-inch buck. They decided to stick around a few more days and both took black bears weighing over 300 pounds.  This 6-day hunt guided 2x1 is priced at $7,000 and includes license, tax, lodging and meals. Most of the times you are covering open plains country by pickup and glassing. Black bear can be added for $750 plus a $1,500 trophy fee or whitetail for $3,500. Hunts run from September 17 to the 22nd. Hunters fly into Grand Prairie where the outfitter meets them for the 1 ½ hour drive to the hunting area.
Hunt MDPR883
Pictures from this Hunt.



This is a trophy hunt that doesn’t require all that many preference points. In 2013 the second season hunt went 4 for 4, including a 181-inch, 180, 176 and a 175. On the third season 4 bucks were taken for 4 hunters, a 181 and 4 bucks scoring in the 170’s. The fourth season 2 bucks were taken for 2 hunters, a 184 and a smaller buck. He also took one archer and he took a tremendous 203-inch buck along with a 280 bull.  In 2012 he took 3 deer muzzleloader hunters and they tagged a 183, 178 and a 170-inch deer.  He had 3 archers and they scored on a 180-incher, hit and lost a 180-inch and the third hunter just missed. The 2012 rifle deer hunt had went 6 for 10, including a 184, 182, 180, 178, 30-inch wide 173 and a 32-inch wide 3x4 scoring in the high 170’s. A couple die-hard trophy hunters passed on bucks that looked to score in the 180’s.  In 2011 all bucks gross scored over 170 and into the 180’s.

2010 he ended up taking 6 bucks for 8 hunters. Top buck grossed 190 and 3 more at 175.  A 190-class was missed on the last hunt and a repeat hunter passed on a 180-plus buck the first day of the hunt.

He hunts about a dozen ranches varying from mountain country to oakbrush hillsides to agricultural property including alfalfa and hay fields.  Archery, muzzleloader or rifle hunts are $5,000 for 5 days guided 1x1 or $4,500 guided 2x1, with escalating trophy fees of; deer harvested gross scoring 170 to 179 inches has a $500 trophy fee added to the price, 180 to 189 is $1,000, 190 to 199 is $1,500 and any buck taken scoring over 200 inches is $2,000.

Elk/mule deer combo is $7,500. Cabin accommodations include a shower house and cook cabin. Second gun season normally takes 3 or 4 points to draw a deer tag, third season is 6 or 8 depending, but landowner vouchers are available. Airport pickup at Montrose or Grand Junction.
Hunt MD163.  Pictures from this Hunt.




This rancher/outfitter has been 100% on nice mature deer and pronghorn for several years. He runs a small personal operation in southeastern Montana. Muley bucks average 23 to 25 inches with good mass gross scoring in the 160’s, with the chance on 170 to 180-inch deer. Deer tags are good for either mule deer or whitetails and he takes some nice whitetails.

In 2013 he had 3 early season whitetail hunters take 3 bucks, 2 between 145 and 150 and a 165-inch buck. Mule deer hunts were just about to start at press time and in 2012 he went 6 for 7 on mulies scoring between 155 and into the 170’s.  5 days guided 2x1 and hunters pay for their own meals and lodging at the local motel for about $60 per room. Hunt dates are about October 20 to Thanksgiving. If a hunter draws a pronghorn tag he can take one the first 2 weeks of the deer season at no charge. Hunters fly into Rapid City or Billings and rent a car for the 2 and a half hour drive.

Montana has changed their deer license program, so now you can typically draw an elk/ deer license for $944 and then apply for the special draw for bull elk in this trophy unit and it is very unlikely that you would draw so you should get back $383, so your deer license is only $561. If you do draw the elk tag this is a great trophy unit and the outfitter will upgrade your hunt to include a bull on a $2,500 trophy fee only.  Montana now allows you to purchase a bonus point from June to September for $50. Deer/elk draw deadline is March 15 and pronghorn draw deadline is early June. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has hunted this ranch. Hunt MD427 Pictures from this Hunt.



Both hunters in 2013 took bucks gross scoring between 180 and 185 inches. This has been the most consistent muley hunt for quite a few years.  In 2012 both hunters took bucks consistent with past years grossing at that 180 mark. In 2011 both hunters took bucks in the 180-inch class and one hunter even did it with the bow during rifle season.  The outfitter has 2 muley tags in Zone 305 where it normally takes a resident about 5 years to draw. He hunts a 25,000-acre private cattle farm, along with several more in southern Alberta and has run 100% success on bucks averaging 180 inches. Mule deer here have a tendency to have good deep forks, not a lot of width, but good mass, typical of most Canadian mule deer. The season normally opens the last Wednesday of October and he prefers to start his 6-day hunts at that time or into early November to catch some of the rut. Some days hunters have seen between 20 and 30 bucks. Fairly open terrain and good for glassing. Hunts are guided 1x1 and include ranch house accommodations, meals and airport pickup in Calgary. License is $250 plus 5 percent tax.  Next available opening is in 2016. Hunt MD678 Pictures from this Hunt.



This outfitter has properties in southwestern Colorado near the town of Paradox. He typically only takes 3 combo hunters the week of October 22 to 28, 5 hunting days, guided 2x1 for $4,500.  This includes your mule deer voucher and elk tags are over the counter. The same hunters normally rebook the openings, but he expects to have more neighboring property for 2014. Last fall the hunters took 2 bulls, including a 5x5 and 6x6, and 2 muley bucks grossing 165 and 150.  One bull was missed. This is not your normal elk hunt. Most bulls are shot near the river off alfalfa or hay fields at first light or late evening. Most of the day you are hunting deer in the low sage country broke up with rocky high walls.  Accommodations are normally a nearby ranch house with meals included. Hunters fly into Grand Junction and rent a car.
Hunt EK/MD72



The 2013 season was just over half completed with 13 combination mule deer/whitetail hunters having scored on 13 mulies, with the top 3 gross scoring over 190 inches, some 180’s and the rest in the 170’s. 10 whitetails had been taken with the best buck scoring 170, 3 in the 150’s and the rest in the 140’s. Eleven more hunters would come in before the season finishes up.  In 2012 the best rifle muley was a 213-INCH NON-TYPICAL. For the 2012 archery season 8 hunters took 6 bucks scoring on a MONSTER 214, 186, 183, 170, 165 and a 162. Archery hunts are for 6 ½ days and include license and tax for $5,500.  The outfitter specializes in trophy class mule deer for both archery and rifle. He takes a very limited number of hunters in this trophy unit that is a draw for residents. The hunt takes place in farm country east of Red Deer near Stettler, Alberta. It is known for big mule deer, whitetail and hard to believe moose. This Zone 204 only gives out 125 permits to residents and just a few for non-residents and the area is 40 square miles.  6-day rifle hunts guided 1x1 are $7,500. Nice cabin accommodations, meals, and airport pickup in Edmonton. He also offers a 6-day combination hunt for both whitetail and mule deer for $9,500 guided 1x1 or 10 days for $11,500. Whitetail success has run 80% or better on bucks averaging 150. Hunters are responsible for licenses and 5% tax. Very limited openings. Hunt MD883. 



At press time all 9 mule deer hunters had scored on bucks, including a 28-inch gross scoring 190 points, 3 more in the 180’s, 3 in the 170’s and 2 in the mid-160’s. The past 3 years had produced similar results with the top bucks grossing 190 inches and the overall average in the 170’s. Hunts that have these kinds of numbers are typically priced well over $5,000, so this is a bargain with a guaranteed tag. The only problem is the hunt fills quickly and typically needs booked at least a year in advance.

The ranch is in the Ranching for Wildlife Program guaranteeing you a mule deer tag, no draw or using of your preference points. Best of all you can hunt in September when they are in bachelor groups or mid-November during the rut.  The outfitter has only had the ranch the past 3 years and he is an accomplished mule deer guide and hunter. He continues to manage this ranch for trophy quality mule deer.

These are 4-day hunts at $4,250 guided 2x1 from September 5 to December 5 and elk can be added for $3,250, elk success was 100 percent for 18 hunters at press time. The ranch is 20,000 private acres with a 7,500-foot elevation and good road access. New lodge accommodations, meals and airport pickup in Hayden is included. 2014 deer is sold out, book now for 2015, openings are available for elk only priced at $4,250. HCU’s Craig Green has hunted with this outfitter. Hunt MD226 Pictures from this Hunt.



This outfitter located in northeastern Utah has several ranches in the CWMU program allowing hunters to rifle hunt in early September when the bucks are in bachelor groups and much more out in the open. In 2013 this area was low on rainfall in the early spring hampering antler growth, but they still took 3 bucks at or over 200 inches. 5 day hunts guided 2x1 vary from $6,500 up to $8,000 for 1x1 depending on the ranch.  Accommodations can be a lodge, cabin, ranch house or one ranch has a tent camp. Most ranches are very accessible and are well roaded, but one in particular requires a good amount of hiking and you must be in good physical shape.  5-day hunts start early September when the bucks are in velvet through October. Success typically runs near 90 percent. Hunt MD655.  Pictures from this Hunt.


They also offer a quality archery mule deer hunt in southwestern Wyoming on a large 70,000-acre private ranch where most hunters will see bucks in the 180-inch class almost daily.  5-day hunts September 1 to 5 or 6 to 11 are $6,500 guided 1x1 or $6,000 at 2x1.  Accommodations are in a million dollar lodge with a great setting. Draw has been 100% on the special high dollar $550 draw and the deadline is March 15. Hunt MDBQM655. 




In 2013 over the course of the season and two separate camps a total of 38 hunters took 37 muley bucks. Best bucks came in pushing 180 inches and the overall average was 160. A couple hunters drew pronghorn tags and they took good 15-inch bucks with mass. He had 4 rifle hunters draw elk permits take 4 bulls, all scoring in the 325 to 350-inch range. He also had 3 hunters take whitetail bucks averaging 135 to 140 inches.  2012 success was normal at the 95 percent rate and in 2011 best bucks included an 8x8 scoring high in the 190’s and several in the 180’s.  This is a great hunt with lots of deer, open country for easy glassing and plenty of ranches to hunt. Hunters that draw a pronghorn tag can take one at no additional charge on the first two hunts.  Success is 100% on bucks up to 16 inches. Deer tags are good for mule deer or whitetails and several whitetails are taken each year averaging around 140.

5-day hunts are $4,750 with nice ranch house accommodations. IF YOU FAIL TO DRAW A PRONGHORN TAG YOU CAN HUNT MULE DEER ONLY FOR $4,150 ON THE FIRST 2 HUNTS. He has 7 ranches totaling about 200,000 private acres near Miles City and also another 40,000 acres he only hunts two weeks during the rut for a total of 8 hunters. Fly into Billings and rent a car.  Montana has changed their deer license program, so now you can typically draw an elk/ deer license for $944 and then apply for the special draw for bull elk in this trophy unit and it is very unlikely that you would draw so you should get back $383, so your deer license is only $561. If you do draw the elk tag this is a great trophy unit and the outfitter will upgrade your hunt to include a bull for $2,200. Montana now allows you to purchase a bonus point from June to September for $50. Deer/elk draw deadline is March 15 and pronghorn draw deadline is early June. Hunt MD232.  Pictures from this Hunt.



This has been a premier trophy mule deer hunt past years, but due to the low rainfall spring of 2013 the quality was way off last fall. This hunt has been priced at $6,500, but the outfitter dropped the price for 2014 to only $4,500. There is no reason the quality shouldn’t be back this fall.  They only took 6 hunters in 2013 and 5 scored.  In 2012 all 7 hunters took bucks, including three in the 180’s, 178, 174 and 2 smaller bucks.  This is a trophy hunt guided 1x1 and HCU has had hunters take bucks grossing over 225 inches.  2011 was off a little with the top 3 bucks scoring 187, 183 and 174 and several more trophy bucks were missed or crippled.

In 2010 he had 6 gun hunters and 3 bowhunters on this 20,000-acre ranch. Success was 100% including a 220-inch buck taken on the bowhunt and 2 more over 180 inches on the rifle hunt. All bucks grossed over 170, except for a 3x3 management buck taken on the last day.  The ranch is in the CWMU program allowing them to set their own hunting schedule. The early rifle hunt will start September 1 when the bucks are in bachelor groups and full velvet. 5 hunting days guided 1x1 with cabin accommodations is $4,500 plus license and tax. They expect to take 6 hunters for the first two weeks of the season.  They may also offer a later mule deer hunt October 15 to 19. HCU’s Craig Green took a good mule deer on this later hunt. Nice lodging, home cooked meals and the ranch is picturesque with high deer numbers. Hunters fly into Grand Junction and rent a car. Hunt MDGE72.  Pictures from this Hunt.



At press time the 2013 season had not gotten under way. He offers 2 hunts for only 2 hunters per hunt. Late November and early December, both prime dates. Some great bucks were seen while elk hunting the property. In 2012 they took 4 bucks for 4 hunters averaging just over 180 inches. In 2011 the 4 bucks taken gross scored 232 INCHES (4X4 MONSTER WITH SOME STICKERS), 190, 185 and a 180.

This outfitter hunts several ranches in northeastern New Mexico totaling 95,000 acres.  Guaranteed landowner voucher is included so there is no draw. This is a rare opportunity to hunt New Mexico bucks in the rut. Hunters fly into Colorado Springs and rent a car. Very limited openings for 2014.
Hunt MD278.  Pictures from this Hunt.



Last fall size was really down due to the low spring rainfall. They took 11 bucks all scoring from 182 to 189. A couple bucks were in trail cams that would go 200 inches or better, but were not seen during the hunts.

The outfitter runs a September 1 to 3 strictly trophy velvet hunt for only 3 hunters. In 2012 they took a 219-inch typical and another hunter took a 201-inch buck. One hunter passed on a net typical book buck looking for a 220-inch 11x7 with a 33-inch spread they had on film, all on the velvet hunt. They also had pictures of a 30-inch 6x4 that would gross over 215 and another 200-inch plus monster. During the hard horned hunt over the course of the regular season they shot 12 bucks averaging 195 inches.

In 2011 they took 5 hunters on the early hunt and 4 scored with the best one grossing 231 inches with a 10 and a half inch drop tine. Overall they averaged better than 210 inches. This 3-day premier velvet hunt is priced at $14,500 and if you fail to take a buck you can come back and hunt 5 more days in late September or early October at no additional cost. Their regular hard horned October hunt is 5 days priced at $12,500 and in 2012 the overall average was 195 inches. It was down some in 2011 when they only averaged a little over 185 Boone and Crockett.  This 35,000-acre ranch normally averages over 190 Boone and Crockett and several bucks have been taken over the 220-inch mark.  The ranch is located in northeastern Utah along the Wyoming border. Hard horned hunts guided 1x1 are 5 days including lodge accommodations and airport pickup in Salt Lake City. If you are a serious mule deer hunter call for more details.
Hunt MD255.  Pictures from this Hunt.



2013 season started off with 2 hunters on the second Colorado hunt and they took a 218 and a 32-inch 180 buck. Third season was split into 2 hunts and they took a total of 11 hunters and got 9 bucks averaging 176 inches and the best buck was a 34-inch 192.

In 2012 15 hunters scored on 14 bucks averaging at 180 inches and the top bucks grossed in the 190’s.

In 2011, 17 hunters took 16 bucks, including a monster grossing 209 that will net 202 Boone and Crockett. They also scored on a 37-inch 205-point, 3 in the 190’s and 5 in the 180’s.  In 2010 this premier outfitter guided 20 deer hunters to 20 bucks, including 2 over 190 inches and 4 more over 180. These are his normal numbers. This is a premier hunt that requires 10 preference points minimum to draw and it continues to go up.

5-day hunt guided 2x1 is only $5,000 with cabin accommodations and airport pickup can be arranged in Grand Junction for $150. HCU has had over 100 hunters with this outfitter without any complaints of any kind and have taken lots of great trophies. HCU’s Cliff Graham has been on this hunt. 2014 is booked full. Reserve a spot now for 2015. April 4 deadline. Hunt MD21.  Pictures from this Hunt.


This outfitter has scaled back his deer hunting operation, but he still offers a 4-day unguided hunt for $3,600 and hunters can take up to 3 bucks and also enjoy some fantastic duck hunting and fishing. Private cabins or suites for accommodations with prepared meals are included, along with daily transport to hunting area by boat. He starts October 8, when duck season opens, and finishes November 15.  Past HCU customers have been astounded with the excellent duck hunting that is also included. Extra days are available for $900.  License is $85 and deer tags are $150 each, no taxes. Hunt SD162 Pictures from this Hunt.

We work with another outfitter that operates out of a lodge with 6 bedrooms, shower, bar, TV and sauna. Success has run 100% on this 7-day guided hunt from October 5 to November 30.  One deer limit priced at only $4,000 guided 2x1 or $5,000 1x1. Many hunters have taken record book bucks with this outfitter including the new #3 SCI and #11 Boone and Crockett. Excellent sea duck hunting for many species and fox hunting is also included. Hunters fly into Kodiak and charter to the lodge for about $200 roundtrip.  Hunt SD783 Pictures from this Hunt.



This outfitter has several private ranches to hunt in western Oregon near the town of Roseburg. The hunt is typically 100% success and the area holds plenty of blacktail bucks. In 2013 5 hunters took 5 blacktails with the best going 130 inches.

In 2012 they were 4 for 5. One hunter took a cougar while deer hunting and another missed one. Cougar can be added for the $15 license and the kill fee is $1,000.

In 2011 his 5 hunters had tagged 5 blacktails.  In 2010 his 6 hunters scored on 6 bucks and they typically saw 6 to 8 bucks daily. In 2009 he hosted 9 rifle hunters and they tagged 8 bucks, with one hunter passing. The best buck grossed 145 and the average was 115 to 120 Boone and Crockett. In 2008 he had 9 hunters and all scored on good bucks, with 5 making the Boone and Crockett record book. The area has plenty of open hillsides, great for glassing.

5-day hunt guided 2x1 with bunkhouse accommodations and meals is $4,100 or 1x1 is $4,850. He only takes up to ten hunters total from mid-October through the first week of November.  The last 2 weeks are best for rut and this is not a physical hunt. License is $150 and over the counter tag is $370, no tax. This hunt needs booked at least a year in advance.

He also offers Columbia whitetail for $6,800 and this includes a landowner voucher. Success has been 100% on bucks scoring over 105 inches and he only takes a couple each year. The area holds a high number of whitetails and hunts will be September 29 to October 15. Hunters fly into Eugene or Portland and rent a car. Hunt CB101.  Pictures from this Hunt.