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HCU’s Cliff Graham took a dall ram in this area before it closed over a decade ago. In his group of 4 hunters, all took rams including two 42-inchers. The area closed shortly after that due to a game law violation and just recently been resold and will open commercially in 2014. The new operator is NOT new to the hunting business, in fact, his father owned an area in the Yukon previously and he guided sheep hunters for him the past 6 years. The new outfitter took his Dad into the new area this past fall and horse backed to 4 of the 12 camps looking over the area on foot and seeing plenty of sheep and his father took a 40-inch ram.

Horseback hunts are priced at a very reasonable $17,000 for 9 hunting days

INCLUDING roundtrip charter from Whitehorse, licenses and government royalties. Hunters pay GST taxes and $150 Hunter Preservation Fund, totaling about $1,000. Sheep hunts will run from August 1 into September and he plans on taking 3 hunters per hunt guided 1x1. Moose or grizzly can be added on a $6,000 trophy fee each or straight moose hunts will be mid to late September and are priced the same at $17,000.

At press time there were 2 sheep openings August 31 to September 10 and 3 moose for September 20 to 30 for 2014. Expect 2015 prices to increase
by $1,000. Hunt DS135.



2013 fall was hampered by extremely tough weather conditions resulting in only 18 of his 22 sheep hunters taking home rams. 3 hunters were totally weathered out and the other unsuccessful hunter is a longtime repeat hunter that looked over 25 rams, but only wanted a 40-inch or nothing, he has already rebooked. They hosted 3 archery hunters and all took rams. Best ram in 2013 was taken by HCU hunter, Tony Muller, going 39 ½ inches. Quite a few of the hunters added mountain caribou on a trophy fee, with 5 scoring well over 400 inches, including 3 with the bow.

In 2012 this outfit took 21 rams for 21 hunters, including an 82-year old hunter and 2 archers, one using a long bow. The average ram was over 11 years in age and measured in the 37-inch class.

In 2011 they had 17 sheep rifle hunters take 16 full curl rams. They also hosted 3 bowhunters and they took 2 rams and the unsuccessful hunter cut some hair and later broke his bow.  This is a small family operation that has exclusive guiding rights to over 7,000 square miles. The outfitter rotates his sheep camps to prevent over hunting pressure and this provides more mature full curl rams. There has never been any resident pressure of any kind in this area. He also has an elaborate base camp including a hydroelectric plant that produces power for all the comforts of home along with email. Most hunters tag out early and upon return to base camp enjoy some fantastic lake trout and grayling fishing just outside the cabin door.  Hunts start July 15 and run to early September. 10-day backpack hunts guided 1x1 are $21,000 and 12-day horseback hunts are $22,500 plus licenses, preservation fund of $150 and 2 ½ percent taxes. Mountain caribou can be taken for a $4,500 trophy fee and last fall success was again 100 percent; with over a dozen bulls being taken including 5 gross scoring over 400 inches.

He also offers a 12-day backpack combination hunt with a base price of $11,000 and trophy fees of $11,000 for sheep, $10,000 for moose and $4,500 for caribou on August 28 to September 8. 2014 is booked full, next available spots are for 2015.

Hunters charter from Norman Wells for approximately $1,200 roundtrip. HCU’s Cliff Graham and Bob Wodzisz have hunted out of this camp. Hunt DS250 Pictures from this Hunt.



Success continued at 100 percent for 2013 including a couple 40-inch rams being taken.  In 2012 this outfitter had 27 hunters take 26 rams, including 4 over 40 inches.

In 2011 he had 22 rifle hunters and all scored on full curl rams and 2 of the 3 archers also scored. 5 rams were taken that measured over the magical 40 inches.

In 2010 all 25 hunters took rams, including 3 archers. 2 rams were taken over 40 inches and also a 38-inch ram with 15 ¼-inch bases.  Over the past 15 years this outfitter has a success rate of over 95 percent and that includes quite a few bowhunters. Rams have been averaging over 37 inches and just shy of 11 years old. This outfitter has an exclusive area encompassing 9,000 square miles and he is the only outfitter allowed here. This is one of the best dall sheep hunts in North America.  12-day backpack hunts are priced at $19,900 and some guides use pack dogs. Sheep hunts start July 15 and continue into early September.  World-class mountain caribou can be added for a $5,000 kill fee plus license. Roundtrip charter from Norman Wells is approximately $1,200.  2014 is booked full and next available opening is in 2015. Hunt DS119.  Pictures from this Hunt.



This outfitter has one of the few private concessions in eastern Alaska bordering the Yukon. In fact, he trails his horses 3 days across the Yukon to reach his area, but in 2013 heavy rains swelled the rivers to an impassible level so all hunts were backpack. He normally offers horseback hunts in part of his area and backpack in another, but all hunters should be prepared to backpack.

2013 proved to be a tougher year than normal with extreme weather conditions. 5 of his 7 hunters took home rams averaging 35 to 36 inches with the best going 38 ½. Of the 2 unsuccessful hunters one hurt his ankle and lost 3 days and the other hunter saw rams, but never had an opportunity.

In 2012, 3 of the 4 horseback hunters tagged rams and all 3 backpack guys scored. 2011 was 6 for 6. 2010 they had 7 hunters take 6 rams and the unsuccessful hunter missed 2 and in 2009 all 6 hunters took home rams. Rams in his area have averaged a respectable 35 to 37 inches with 13 to 13 ½-inch bases.

They operate out of 2 base camps. The horseback hunts are based out of weather port wall tents that are 14’ by 16’ with 5’ side walls.  The outfitter’s wife does the cooking and this area is not very accessible by plane, making the horses a valuable commodity. The backpack hunts are also based out of a 14’ by 16’ wall tent, but they spike camp from there utilizing pup tents. Both areas are accessed by a charter flight from Fairbanks priced at about $950 per hunter.  9-day sheep hunt guided 1x1 is priced at $16,500 and are conducted August 10 to 19 and 19 to 29. 1 opening was available at press time for 2014 and 2 backpack spots for 2015.  Grizzly can be added for a $4,500 trophy fee.  Hunt DS540 Pictures from this Hunt.



This is a tough backpack hunt suitable for young energetic hunters or middle aged marathon type guys. The price is very reasonable and the area produces nice rams. In 2013 his 6 hunters shot 5 rams, averaging 36 inches. The unsuccessful hunter was on a stalk of 35 rams when a plane buzzed them ruining their only opportunity. In 2012 he took 6 hunters and 2 of them quit early due to being out of shape. The remaining 4 all scored on full curl rams, including 2 just under 40 inches.

In 2011 his 7 hunters took 6 rams with the best going 38 ½ inches and the average ram taken was 37. The unsuccessful hunter had several stalks, but did not score. In the past 12 years he has had 78 hunters tag 67 rams.  This can be a physical 9-day backpack hunt guided 1x1 conducted just outside Denali Park.  Hunter and guide are flown into remote sheep country by supercub and dropped off.  Opportunity has run near 100% for the past 17 years. The pilot/outfitter is very experienced and knows his area well. He runs two hunts from August 10 to 30 and we would recommend the first hunt. 12 days with grizzly added is $18,250.  Charter flight from Anchorage to McGrath to camp is about $1,400 and may be split amongst hunters.
Hunt DS776.  Pictures from this Hunt.



This outfitter is typically 100 percent success, but last fall he ended up taking 6 rams for 7 hunters. Biggest ram went 42 inches and the overall average was 38. This hunt is tops for success and big dark rams in the heart of northern British Columbia’s stone sheep area.  In 2012 they took 9 rams for 11 hunters. One hunter had to go home early and the other hunter, an archer, was within 25 yards on 4 different rams, missed one and went home empty. 2 rams were taken that went 40 inches, scoring in the mid-160’s. In 2011 his 8 hunters took 8 rams averaging in the mid-160’s, with the best one going 42 inches and gross scoring 170 Boone and Crockett. In 2010 his 11 hunters tagged 11 rams, including a Boone and Crockett ram and 2 over 40 inches, along with one bow kill. Rams are exceptionally dark in his area and average over 10 years in age with 38-inch horns and exceptional mass. In the last 8 years he has hosted 82 stone sheep hunters and they harvested 77 rams.

This longtime outfitter has exclusive guiding rights to over 5,000 square miles in one of the best stone sheep areas of northern B.C.  Additional animals can be taken on a $3,500 trophy fee and kids can hunt just for the price of trophy fees on moose, mountain caribou or goat as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult.

14-day horseback hunt is $42,000. Additional costs are license, tags and HST tax.  Hunters are picked up at Ft. Nelson.  Roundtrip charter flight from base camp to hunting areas is $1,000.
Hunt SS728.  Pictures from this Hunt.



2013 stone sheep season ended up with 8 hunters taking 6 rams, but it should have been 8 for 8. One archery hunter had multiple stalks on 6 to 9 legal rams and did miss one. One rifle hunter passed on 4 legal rams early in the hunt and came away empty. Best ram taken went 40 inches scoring 166 inches. Several other rams scored in the 160’s, including 12 and 11 year old rams.  This stone sheep hunt just seems to get better every year. In 2012 all 8 hunters scored on rams for the third year in a row, including 2 archers.  The best ram taken made THE BOOK scoring 174 inches. They also took a 41 ½-inch ram and a 38-inch 11-year old ram that scored 166 Boone and Crockett.

This hunt takes place in a high density sheep area in northeastern British Columbia. In 2011 all 8 sheep tags were filled, including the new #3 Pope and Young ram scoring 173 4/8 inches. Another hunter took a 168-inch ram with 15-inch bases.  The hunt is 15 days with horses and the price is $40,000 and this INCLUDES tax and government royalty fees. In 2010, of the 8 rams taken 2 came in at an incredible 43 inches, along with a 39 ½ and a 38 ½.

He offers 2 hunts in the month of August and additional animals can be taken on the second hunt for a $3,500 trophy fee. A sheep hunt consists of spike camps, guide, wrangler and 6 horses. Rams are typically quite dark in his area.  Hunters pay for their charter flight from Ft.  Nelson priced at $1,500, license and tags. 2 openings for 2015. Hunt SS483.  Pictures from this Hunt.



In 2013 they took 9 rams for 11 hunters, best ram went 39 ½ inches. 2 hunters in September did not kill, one guy was on his 40th sheep hunt and saw 2 huge rams, but could not get on them and passed on lesser rams.

In 2012 his 10 stone sheep hunters scored on 8 rams, including a 42, 41 and 39-incher. One of the unsuccessful hunters saw 11 rams and missed 3, while the other saw 16 rams and made 4 stalks, but no shots were fired.

In 2011 the outfit ended up 7 for 9. One unsuccessful hunter had to leave 4 days into the hunt due to health issues and the other missed a ram and saw 7 more legal sheep during his hunt.  This 14-day horseback hunt in the Cassiar Mountains is known for dark rams. The first sheep hunt August 1 to 14 is $30,000 with a $7,500 harvest fee. Later hunts running from August 15 to October 15 are priced at $40,000 and you can take a sheep, moose, mountain goat, caribou, black bear and wolf. This is a sheep hunt that allows you to take more species at no charge.  Hunters arrive in Whitehorse and overnight.  Drive to Watson Lake and then charter to and from camp for $1,600 plus licenses, 2.5% GST tax and $220 hunter preservation fund. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz and Cliff Graham have taken rams with this outfitter.
Hunt SS491.  Pictures from this Hunt.



Last fall 3 of the 4 hunters took home rams.  One hunter missed 2 before scoring and the unsuccessful hunter missed one and didn’t get another opportunity. Rams varied in size from 150 to 160 inches and the best ram was 9 years old.  In 2012 all 4 hunters took rams within 8 days of hunting.

3 of the 4 rams were between 8 and 10 years in age. This outfitter has always run a very high success hunt on good rams.

In 2011 his 4 hunters took 3 rams, including a 169-inch with 36-inch horns and 15-inch bases.  They also took a 10-year old ram that scored 160 Boone and Crockett and a 155-inch. The unsuccessful hunter never got a shot. This was the first hunter in all the years that wasn’t able to get a shot at a ram.

In 2010 all 8 hunters took home rams and the best one came in at 170 inches with 15 ¾-inch bases. The oldest ram of the 8 taken was 11 years in age. Over the last 8 years he has a total of 39 hunters take 32 rams. All hunters either missed or passed on legal rams except for one older fellow. Rams normally score from 150 to 170, with some full curl rams in the 10 to 12 year old class. 7-day hunt during the month of October is priced at $45,000.

Shiras moose are also available in his area.  Hunters are picked up in Penticton. Next opening is in 2015. Hunt BS292.  Pictures from this Hunt.


FOR AS LOW AS $40,000

Success has been 100% every year with this well respected outfitter. Hunters can expect a quality, safe and legal hunt out of Hermosillio.  The most popular hunts in Mexico have become large tracts of natural habitat under high fence. This longtime family operation has several high fenced ranches, normally 5,000 acres that produce great rams. Last year they hosted 9 hunters on this hunt and took 9 big rams, including a 187-inch, 2 more in the 180’s, down to the smallest still scoring an impressive 177. 5-day hunt is modestly priced at $40,000. Most of these hunts are conducted in December and January.

This outfitter that has been in the business many years have cut way back on the number of free-range sheep hunters. For years they would do over 20 sheep hunters per year between the mainland near Sonora on Seri Indian properties and the Baja and at times have tags for Tiburon Island.  Due to the over hunting pressure the past few years they have cut way back on the number of freerange hunters they take, but continue to maintain a quality private-land high fence operation.  Last year they only took 2 sheep hunters to the Baja and both were successful on rams in the 160-inch class. This year they have 4 Baja tags available.  Baja rams typically weigh about 180 pounds with longer horns than mainland rams in the 35” to 37” range and 13 to 15 ½-inch bases. The head guide speaks fluent English. They are very good at judging and also make the call as to when and which ram to shoot.

Accommodations on the Baja can be mini camps with spike tents up to ranch houses. 10-day hunts guided 1x1 are $60,000 plus $1,300 for permits, tags and paperwork. Hunts are mostly conducted from December 1 to March 30. Hunt DS212.  Pictures from this Hunt.



This outfitter has been in the aoudad hunting business over a couple decades. He recently picked up a 30,000-acre ranch located southwest of Marfa in the Chinati Mountains. He will hunt this ranch for the first time in 2014 and plans on taking a total of 8 rams off the place. Hunts will start in January and price will be $4,500 for 4 hunting days guided 2x1 and will include lodging and meals, along with a javelina if the opportunity arises.

Long range shooting is a likely possibility on this ranch and he expects to take rams at 28 inches or better. Spot and stalk will be the method of hunting and they will use pickup trucks and possibly a 4-wheel drive mule to assist. Hunters will fly into El Paso or Midland and rent a car for the 2 ½ hour drive to the ranch. Hunt AU11.